LifeSongs is a multi-sensory scrapbook for improving memory & cognition through reminiscing.

A 12-page scrapbook that you turn into a "lifesong" with captions, music, recordings of your voice, familiar songs, poetry, prayers or stories.


You can tell a person's life story and make it more than a memento by adding meaningful recordings that transform a photo album into a LifeSong. You can honor their past by capturing their life's journey through sight and sound.

Music is the magic medium that can best release treasured memories. It is the soundtrack of our lives.  Distant thoughts and memories can be brought to the surface with a simple focus on music that is meaningful to the individual. It is a song, a rhythm, a beat, a tune or a genre that is recognizable. Even the cadence of a poem or prayer being read by you can be soothing and can help a person with dementia make sense of their surroundings.


Use these ideas to make a lasting LifeSong for that special person you know and want to remember forever. You choose the photographs and the music to make the perfect LifeSong that can bring comfort and awaken their spirit.

The pages are blank, but when you add photographs and recordings, the book is no longer just pages, but the very special story of an individual that is still loved and deserves to spend time with others remembering who they are.

FREE case to Memory Cafes or Alzheimer's Support Groups!


This is a valuable tool for anyone in these groups. 12 will be sent to be used as a group project. Postage fee requested.

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Create a personal timeline that tells the life story of a person in both photos and sound.

Use this book for guided reminiscing to remind a person of their value, accomplishments and capabilities. Ity can be a nice focus for conversation to help people connect with that person with memory problems.

Use as a memory aid plus share a living story with future generations.

Record music from iTunes, a smartphone, CD player. etc.


Promote positive behaviors and provide meaningful moments as you "tune" into a person's past and bring harmony to their day. You create this tool that can be used in your absence to enlighten caregivers, provide security, and also as a distraction technique to defuse anxiety and agitation. It can help a person focus on the positive by evoking treasured memories.


There are certain "tools for purposeful life" that help us engage with those struggling with dementia. The "music forms a reconnection" and "can change someone's mood" according to Ron Gregory from AlzMusicConnect.

Unlike passively watching TV, music engages a person and touches their soul.


"Music touches on a lot of different places in people's brains and their lives," said Beth Hardy, a music therapist who holds a credential from the Certification Board for Music Therapists. "We grew up with music. We are rhythmic people — our heartbeats, our cadence, our walk — we are a rhythm. ... We use music in every ritual of our lives. If you think of weddings, funerals, birthday parties, special events, music is the connecting factor through all those things."


“Music is a powerful force that activates many big circuits in the brain: memory, emotion, attention. It’s a multisensory experience,” said Jonathan Burdette, a professor of neuroradiology at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. “To me, it’s a no-brainer to use music for Alzheimer’s patients as a window into a happier place.”


"It has already been established that muisc has the most powerful effect on memory than other triggers."  Dr. Ashley Burgoyne, University of Amsterdam

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12-60 second record buttons   

 (1 for each page)

Directions & suggestions on making the best LifeSongs book included.


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