LifeSongs allows you to take a 2 dimensional image and evoke wonderful memories with the added use of meaningful music, poems, prayers, etc. The sounds are what help people with dementia to emotionally connect with the events in the photos. It can be a tool for you by allowing you to:

  • Release memories otherwise locked inside by adding a soundtrack to their life story.
  • Better engage with the "personhood" of an individual.
  • Promote positive behaviors while providing meaningful moments as you "tune" into a person's past and bring harmony to their day.
  • Promote emotional stability by opening the door to communication.
  • Evoke treasured memories with the magical medium of music.
  • Connect with a person whose brain is confused and compromised by being able to present them with their life story.
  • Use to enlighten caregivers so they may personalize their care.
  • Calm a chaotic brain with positive stimulation.
  • Be able to stimulate the part of a person's brain most affected by dementia.
  • Use it as a distraction technique to defuse anxiety and agitation.
  • Provide security in your absence.